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Coupon Queen

So, I’ve realized I’m a horrible blogger.  I only seem to post every week or two and I really wish I could do more.  I’m going to work on that I swear….

So I’ve gotten into a new coupon craze and started saying to myself “why haven’t i done this sooner?”….I went to Shoprite last week and spent 8.23 on 2 pkg of Pretzel crisps, 2 jars of classico, 4 pkg of solo cups/plates, 2 pkg Ballpark hot dogs, 2 Helluva good dips and 2 pkg hot dog rolls and hamburg rolls.  Aaaand i even got a $4.00 off your next order coupon upon checkout. Most stores automatically double coupons under $1 so if you catch things on sale then you can pretty much get alot of items almost free…..After $.75 ballpark coupon doubled they were $.19 ea, after $.75 solo coupon doubled they were $.50 ea and if you buy 4 you get $4.00 coupon for next order so its like getting money back. The Helluva good also was a $.50 coupon that doubled so each were only $.49.
This week I was able to grab some more pretzel crisps (BOGO free coupon + on sale), Milk Bone Healthy Treats ($1.00 off coupon + on sale), 3 pints of Ben & Jerrys (i know not the healthiest but the tastiest…. for $7.50 and they give you a $1.50 off next order when you buy 3), Chinet plates ($1.00 off coupon + on sale for $1.34 so cost $0.34), 4 more pkg of solo plates with the same deal as last week, 3pk of romaine lettuce, garlic, 8pk Sparkle paper towels, 12pk Angelsoft Bath tissue ($.1.00 coupon + $2.39 on sale so cost 1.39), 3 huge cans of Redpack tomatoes ($1.00 coupon on 3 + 3/$2 on sale so cost $1.00 for 3cans), Olivias greens ($1.00 coupon + on sale for $3.29)…
My total ended up being $22 for all of these items plus i recieved a $4.00 off next order and a $1.50 off next order from the Ben & Jerrys and the Solo purchases.

I’ve realized if you just google for coupons on the things your buying and store match-ups for sales that week you can really save as much as those crazy ladies on the crazy coupon show.  I think I’m going to start posting alot of the good coupons on my blog since I’m sure theres some of you out there that could use them. I found this awesome blog about coupons and you can narrow by which store you want and they show you what coupons to print and use for the best deals….alot of times your items turn out free or you get money back!
www.Livingrichwithcoupons.com – regularly check the stores page you like to shop at…..
Printable coupons Rock and with blogs like this one you don’t even need to do half the research because they do it for you!


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Martin Codax Albarino

I know, I know the last wine of the week was also an Albarino from Spain but I just had a bottle last night and it reminded me how much I adore it.  It is great with fish and seafood but can hold up to your chicken and pasta dishes as well as sushi or spicy cuisine. 

It retails for around $12 – $16 per bottle depending on location and store. 

Just yesterday they reinstated our Employee Discount Purchasing program (60% of retail!!) at work so I will be able to try most anything I want (in our portfolio that is)!  Tonight I will probably be going with the Mollydooker Maitre’D (Cabernet Sauvignon) to go with our delish steaks on the grill.

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After this crazy hectic week that I’ve had just getting back from vacation and the piles of work I’ve tried to catch up on, I have decided to go camping this weekend.  What I was very disappointed to discover was that my poor little pooch can’t come with me 😦

There are only 2 parks in the state of CT that allow pets on the campgrounds and only one of those is open for the 2011 season right now.  We had planned on going to Kent so we will just have to go without her.  I just can’t believe that the state of CT doesn’t make most of their campgrounds pet-friendly.  

Macedonia State Park - Kent, CT

Have you ever been camping?  What are your favorite areas to camp?

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I am finally back from the Dominican Republic where I acquired an awesome tan and unfortunately most likely also the 10 lbs I had lost prior to leaving 😦 But it was fun and I wasn’t going to even attempt to calorie count or worry about anything on vacation) Just time to make up for it now!

We stayed at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana where we had a few issues with getting our room….

This was supposed to be the view from our room.....

However what we recieved wasn’t even close (and was also 10 times smaller with no outdoor jacuzzi). We spent the first two days dealing with trying to get compensated correctly for this mistake (which apparently happens frequently considering there was a stack of about 40 other room issues in our building alone at the concierge desk). Nonetheless we will be getting a two night refund which hopefully ends up being about $300 each. Of course we would have rather had the nicer room and view but what can you do?

The resort was great in every other sense and we had a great time. I will post pictures soon.

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