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This week’s wine of the week pick is….

Paco & Lola Albarino 2009

It is an  Albariño from the Rias Biaxas in Galicia (northwest Spain).  It is made from the Albariño grape which is also known as Alvariño by its just-next-door friends in Portugal. 

It has a great citrus, apricot, green apple taste on the pallet and leaves a crisp, refreshing finish.  Absolutely perfect on a Summer day out on the patio or perhaps even a lovely picnic!

If you enjoy a good Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio then you will adore an Albariño.  It pairs wonderfully with seafood, shellfish, salads, and many spicy dishes.  And really….who doesn’t love black & white polka dots?

It retails for around $12-$16 depending on where you are located but you may find it online here:  Wine-Searcher:  Paco & Lola


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Being in the wine buiness I get many opportunities to try new wines all the time and thought I would share some of my favorites from time to time. Today’s pick is Kim Crawford Sauvingnon Blanc out of Marlborough New Zealand:

The 2008 vintage (Wine Specator rated 91 points) was my favorite and is THE wine that turned me on to Sauvignon Blancs. Now it has become my favorite varietal and is my go to white wine. However nowadays you will most likely only be able to find the 2009 vintage. The 2009 was rated 89 points by the Wine Specator which still is not shabby by any means.

It provides a crisp citrus grapefruit taste on the palate with notes of melon and pineapple. It pairs great with dishes such as chicken, lighter pastas and fish. Enjoy!

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